Brumariu Ice Wine 2007


The main distinguishing feature of Brumăriu wine is the specific techniques that are used to create it. This wine is made of naturally frozen grapes. A similar technology is used by winemakers in Canada, Austria and Germany to produce Ice Wine. Carlevana Winery was the first winery, back in 2003 to implement this technique into to Moldavian winemaking history. The most important aspect in the production process of Brumăriu is to harvest grapes in due time. If the first frost is missed, the grapes would not be good for the wine. Harvesting usually starts in the early morning, while the sun is rising and the temperature is not higher than – 8C. Solely, the well iced up clusters are carefully gathered by hand, as the frost stimulates and accelerates formation of sugar. Thus, all the manipulations with the harvested grapes should be finished before ice has the chance to melt – within approximately 2 hours. The wines made by this technology are called “liquid gold”. It is quite a fair statement, as to produce 1 bottle (550 ml) – 15kg of high quality grapes are used. Brumăriu is a natural dessert white wine made of the best Riesling grapes from the unique vineyards of Carlevana Winery. The wine has intense sweet fruit aromas with dominating raisin and dried apricot flavors. It has a complex structure and an unforgettable long finish.